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The World Water Polo FINA 2014 Conference was held in Cancun, which is an event that reaffirms the city’s excellent capacity to cater and satisfy this particular market niche

On February 27th and 28th, Cancun hosted the World Water Polo FINA 2014 Conference, under the motto “Sharing the magic of sports, as a team. This event gathered the presence of leaders, experts and important characters in this wonderful field.

During the realization of the conference, representatives and the board of directors discussed the latest trends in the field, new advances and experiences that this water sport will include in the near future. Conferences and special talks were also imparted, from highly renowned players and characters in the water polo field, such as Ms. Brenda Villa, originally from United States and great coaches like Denes Kemey, originally from Hungary.

Cancun sports tourism

The state government took advantage of the occasion and of the presence of the International Swimming Federation, to have them inspection the Olympic Pool of Cancun, located on Chichen Itza Avenue. The result from this evaluation was positive, stating that it constitute an adequate infrastructure for the practice of the sport, and of great benefit of local athletes of Cancun.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Cancun has an excellent hotel infrastructure, first class resorts, gyms and sports specialists, turning the destination into the ideal place for sports tourism and high performance training. Some of the sports facilities you’ll find in Cancun are gold courses, Olympic swimming pool, the Poliforum, the local gym called Kuchil Baxal, the Olympic track Andres Quintana Rooand thebaseball stadium Beto Avila.

Sports tourism Cancun

Mr. Martin Cobos, state director of the Youth and Sports Commission declared that Cancun has always hosted sports clubs, from different disciplines that seek to find the ideal place to train prior to a competition, or before starting the season! During the past few months, they’ve received petitions from international renowned sports clubs, to use Cancun as their hosting city for big trainings, particularly the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean!

Cancun has also hosted excellent sporting competitions of international level, such as tennis tournaments, golf, beach volley ball, football and more. This has urged the government of the state to increase the budget for sporting facilities, because new sports are starting to gain popularity in Cancun, that were never before practiced, such as field hockey and water polo.

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