If you missed out on Russia 2018, find out how much money you will need to go to Qatar 2022

Take out a loan, save or invest, are the options presented by a financial expert.

By Valeria Tenorio Thursday, June 21, 2018 comments

Russia is in fashion. Everywhere you go there is talk of the World Cup and the great experience of traveling and living around a World Cup. That’s why many people already have their sights set on the next event in 2022.

But do you know more or less, how much you will need to save to travel to the Qatar World Cup in 2022?

Mexico is one of the 10 countries that bought the most match tickets for the 2018 Russia World Cup, according to the loan site La Tasa. The key to achieving this, according to the CEO of the online firm, Diego Paillés, is saving and staying informed about the dates and locations of the event to prepare a budget and reach the World Cup with everything prepaid.

Paillés estimates that in order to travel to the Arab country for two weeks to see the Tricolor’s opening match and follow them through the group stage, it will cost around 92 thousand pesos, given the current prices of transportation, lodging and food.

21894mundial_catar_2Photo Credits: Website Cripto Noticias

To obtain this amount of money, the finance expert listed three financing options:

Apply for a loan, save or invest. The expert says that asking for a loan is a risky alternative – especially if you do not have enough control or economic discipline to pay for it.You should consider what type of credits they offer, as well as the fixed and personalized repayment terms.

If you prefer to save, to accumulate 92 thousand pesos in almost four years, you would have to allocate around two thousand pesos each month.

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As for investing, it not only allows you to increase the amount saved through the returns, but also prevents the loss of value of money caused by inflation. Through a financing platform, you would have to enter a capital of 10 thousand pesos and maintain a monthly payment of one thousand to obtain the necessary sum in four years.

If your purpose is to attend the next World Cup, take into account which financing option is more suited to your economy and possibilities.