Nanacamilpa and Españita are two municipalities of Tlaxcala, which during the months of June, July and the first days of August offer an unparalleled spectacle.

By Notimex Tuesday, June 23, 2015 comments

With a surface spanning more than 200 hectares, Tlaxcala’s forest offer a perfect environment for the reproduction of thousands of fireflies that every summer gather and offer tourists and locals alike – along with the incredible starry night sky – a vision the likes of which they have never seen before.

These creatures can be seen from 8:30 pm, performing a ritual which lasts approximately an hour. The females light up to attract the males to fertilize their eggs, which are then buried into the soil once the ritual is concluded.

fireflies nanacamilpa mexico

The sanctuary is located near the city of Tlaxcala, where you can hire diverse forms of transportation to any of its two points of access. Staying at any of Nanacamilpa’s eco-hotels is highly recommended in order to fully experience this wondrous display. Eco-Hotel Piedra Canteada, Villas del Bosque de Santa Clara, Eco-Hotel Laguna Azul, are but a few examples of where to book a night.

The sanctuary has an admission fee of MX $100 pesos (approximately US $6.00) and is open from 7pm to 10pm. And remember; if you do make your way there don’t forget to see Tlaxcala. It may be the smallest state in Mexico but it has a lot to offer.