A magic and charming town in Jalisco, where the number one attraction is Tequila!

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Today, our #TravelingSchedule is taking you across a delightful adventure… To an incredible town hidden within the State of Jalisco, whose name is known everywhere in the world, but not everyone has had the great privilege to encounter with its origin. I am speaking of Tequila, a pueblo magico located in the state of Jalisco.

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Tequila is located a couple of hours from the capital city Guadalajara… I will now walk you through my entire adventure, which was wonderful! First, I must mention that it was completely obvious that I wasn’t a citizen; I had my rucksack, a bottle of water and a book with me, which was what gave me away!

Getting there was no trouble, and once there, locating the main town square wasn’t hard at all! Local residents were completely charming, welcoming and warm and had no problem telling that I was a tourist, so they gave me precise instructions regarding where to go, where to stay and so forth.

After a few blocks of walking, I met my final destination and saw it glisten to the distance… The first thing I saw was a colonial church, beautiful I must add! Built right after the city was established in the year 1530, surrounded by a charming town square, a mural, a few sculpture and busts from former governors, and an impressive award indicating that the place was declared Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in the year 2006.

A local resident was immediately drawn to me, after a few minutes and approached me (I am guessing it was my large backpack and camera what gave me away!), and asked me if I wanted to see how tequila was made, and where it came from… I nodded and thanked him, and after paying $150 pesos, we were on our way to discover this magical and enchanting town! I must add that it was here when we hopped on a rather peculiar vehicle, in the shape of a large Tequila barrel!

The name of our guide was Angel, and during the journey toward Tequila, he told us the story of the place, and how tequila represents practically everything to them! A few bumps and minutes later we finally arrived to a Tequila production plant. I was so excited to see it with my own eyes; I completely forgot about my large backpack and tried to be the first one off the car! However, Angel told me to be patient and leave mu stuff behind, so I can focus on having fun without worrying about the heavy weight and carrying around!

Angel told us about the tequila-making plant, its origins and how the beverage has acquired such great popularity that today large companies across the nation need the help and talent of local tequila-making plants in the town. He also told us the history of tequila itself, how it has managed to acquire so many certifications, awards and distinctions and the kinds of tequilas there are. He spoke also of all those extra products made with agave(the plant where tequila comes from) like liqueurs, cookies, clothes, beer, sweets, strings and more.

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We walked across the plant and met with huge ovens that contain the agave pines, where they arecooked and processed, therefore to extract the liquid, which is then and placed in huge containers that, after several processes, manage to obtain tequila!

Now, the fun part was here! Tasting the tequila and its kind… Angel took us back to the entrance and placed four bottles of tequila above a barrel, right in front of our eyes. First, he explained the different kinds of tequila: White, young, reposado and añejo. He explained the main difference between them and got ready to taste them! I must confess that due to my stubbornness, and not follow Angel’s instructions, the first batch I tried, I coughed a little, as I felt the tequila burn a little in my throat!

The second, third and fourth tequila were great! I gladly enjoyed them, and the best thing was that I didn’t feel dizzy (let alone drunk!), because right after the last shot, the car that would take us to our next stop, was here! We were now off to an artisanal plant in Tequila.

The place was a little deteriorated, but Angel stated that the owner had just passed away, reason why the place looked as it looked… The plant had ancient ovens and was very different from the first one, because every process was made artisanal; they worked with wood-fire, instead of industrial items; everything is made by mankind, even bottling and packaging is made by men!

Of course here, I also had the opportunity of tasting such delicious beverage, and by now I felt like an expert! So I took the shot and drank it just like before, with the difference that it tasted completely different to beforehand! It was a stronger taste, but more enjoyable! We also had the opportunity of trying tequila liqueurs, like coffee, almond, peach and membrillo.

This, is where my adventure in Tequila finished, nonetheless there are still hundreds of places to discover in Jalisco that will blow your mind!

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