Mexican wins Australian cooking contest

Por Valeria Bigurra viernes, julio 7, 2017 comentarios


With a plate of scrumptious chilaquiles the Mexican Flor Labana took the glory


Flor Labana, originally from Mexico City, won first place at “The Chef´s Line”, which could be viewed as an Australian version of the famous program “Masterchef”.


Flor Labana


The Mexican left her country eight years ago to move to Australia where, being a cooking enthusiast, she decided to take a shot at the competition, and so, during the third season of the show, Labana gave her all in every dish.


The meal that earned her the glory during the show’s final was the Michoacán style chilaquiles, which left the judges in awe due to its exquisitely elaborate Mexican flavor. In addition, she also prepared an encore rendition of her marvelous mole, her signature dish, which initially catapulted her to fame.




Incidentally, Flor wasn’t the only Mexican to make it to the end. Clad in typical Mexican attire, she faced sous chef Gianni from the Mexican restaurant “El Público”, located in Australia.




Through her social Network accounts, Flor Labana expressed her appreciation with a message in which she claims to have a special place in her heart for all her followers and supporters, and she added that she had a wonderful experience at the show, full of emotions.


Finally in the message she said she was proud of her Mexican roots and commented that there is no limit to what we can achieve.