Border wall will join the Guinness World Records

Por Valeria Bigurra miércoles, julio 19, 2017 comentarios

“The Brotherhood Mural” has gathered more than 2 thousand people for its creation.


“The mural of the brotherhood”, located on the border wall between Mexico and the United States will be included in the Guinness Book of Records, because for its creation it has managed to bring together more than 2 thousand artists and people from different parts of the world.


hermandad5Original image, source: Mural de la Hermandad‘s Facebook page.


The border fence began to be built in Tijuana in 1995 when Democrat Bill Clinton was in power, in order to combat illegal migration, but its expansion occurred after the 2001 attacks in the United States.


And now after the arrival of Donald Trump to the power, the glances of the whole world have noticed the wall that exists in the border between Mexico and the United States, which made the project of the mural to born.


hermandadOriginal image, source: Mural de la Hermandad‘s Facebook page.



According to Enrique Chiu, a plastic artist and cultural promoter, the project grew in a more social way, with the purpose of peacefully asking for peace, and to be a way of uniting people.


Artists from Guatemala, Argentina, Japan, China and Egypt, among others, have participated in the mural, and all they have expressed their ideologies about peace and freedom, as well as a message of hope and brotherhood,


hermandad4Original image, source: Mural de la Hermandad‘s Facebook page.


The message of peace on the mural will extend to the border between Tamaulipas and the United States to complete the 3 thousand 500 kilometers that make up the northern border of Mexico.


Young people, adults and children have participated in the project, using all kinds of methods to shape into it their images, in addition it should be noted that one of the words or phrases most viewed on the mural is #NoWalls, referring to the wall that Donald Trump intends to build on the border to divide both nations.


hermandad2Original image, source: Mural de la Hermandad‘s Facebook page.