Did you lose your pet? Find it with your cell phone

José Manuel Cañete founded iD Animal, a startup that offers smart plates that record the information of the pets and their owners, so that in case of loss they can be quickly located.

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The startup iD Animal developed a smart card that has a QR code that gives access to owner and pet information to help lost dogs return to their homes, all from your smartphone.


In Mexico, 80% of pets that are lost and unable to return to their homes within the first three days, are destined to die.


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Based on these figures, and with the intention of helping to eradicate street dogs, José Manuel Cañete founded iD Animal, a startup that offers smart plates that record the information of the pets and their owners, so that in case of loss they can be quickly located with your cell phone.


“We have a portal that offers everything necessary for the care, protection and identification of pets, which works with an identification plate which carries a QR code, where you can have all your dog’s information, medical history and the name of the contact, in case it is lost.


Subsequently upload a photograph of the pet and create a profile, which appears when the QR code of the plate is read by a smartphone.


“That way, if someone finds your pet, they can access your information and then call you. If people do not know the universe of QR code or do not use a smartphone, below the code there is a telephone, by contacting that line, we link the call to the owner of the dog, “he explained.


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The company’s founder said that under the QR code, each badge has a unique ID number, which, after communicating with the Id Animal phone line, must be marked and automatically linked to the owner’s telephone number.


“You call the phone 5541703915 completely free, and you answer a tape recorder, then asks you to mark the ID of the plate, and automatically makes the link with the phone that registered with that ID,” said the company’s founder .


The platform also offers a directory of Pet friendly, veterinary, among other services for the pet.


The iD Animal plate is for sale at Animalia stores. In addition, it has an alliance with the National Protector of Animals so that users can report lost dogs, even if they do not have a smart card.


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iD Animal was born in early 2016 with an initial investment of 2 million pesos, which made the plates and developed its website.


The artifact contains the unique QR and pet ID, the company website, and a phone number for a call center that locates the owner.


Initially the product had a unique price. However, the startup entered an incubation program with Startup Mexico and changed its business model. Now the plate has a monthly cost of 40 pesos with discounts for the acquisition if it is for six months, one or two years. Thus, Animal ID plates went from being a product to a maintenance service.


“The new model we plan to launch in the short term emerged from the advice of the first joint incubation program between SUM and Telcel. The idea is to market it on a larger scale and increase the points of sale we currently have, “he said.



ID Animal is currently marketed in Mexico City, Hidalgo, Queretaro, Quintana Roo, Michoacan, San Luis Potosi, Tabasco, Yucatan and Veracruz.


To migrate to a new business model, the startup requires about 4 million pesos to develop a GPS that will strengthen the service.


Since birth iD Animal has registered 700 plates sold and has managed to place another 2 thousand in different points thanks to a distributor.