Roomie Bot, the perfect helper for household work

Por Valeria Bigurra martes, julio 11, 2017 comentarios

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This assistant can perform various tasks that will make life easier for users.


From July 5 to 9, the Jalisco Campus Party was held at Expo Guadalajara, considered the largest meeting of Young Talent in the World, in which more than 25 thousand people gather to enjoy workshops, panels, competitions and mentoring.


roomiebotOriginal image, source: Facebook page of Roomie Bot


During the event, on the stage of the Hackaton, a 100 percent Mexican product was presented called Roomie Bot, which stood out because of its great usefulness to perform household tasks.


This robot was presented by Aldo Luévano, director of the Roomie Bot project, who said that the name of the robot comes from the word “roomie”, a term referring to the person who shares a house with you.


This virtual assistant with physical presence is designed to perform household tasks that are linked electronically; in addition it contains a control with cognitive abilities, which allows it to interact with people living in the same house.


Roomie Bot uses an artificial intelligence system, and works with verbal commands through the use of a language that must be encoded in the robot so that it understands its tasks.


roomiebot2Original image, source: Facebook page of Roomie Bot


It also has an IOT device control, which allows it to move autonomously inside the house for which it is configured, as it is able to identify obstacles and recognize faces using its integrated camera.


This robot can also take care of keeping a record of your agenda, and make sure everything is in order in your home, and can even help you to take care of people who live with you that require some kind of attention.


Other advantages it has, is that it can turn on electrical appliances and can even help you to order an Uber, however it is important to mention that for the robot to be able to use devices they must have API (Object Oriented Programming).


Although this robot is designed to help people with housework, it could be useful in other branches, so its creators will continue to make improvements, so that the Roomie Bot can benefit everybody.