Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar in Cancun

The chef’s first restaurant out of the United States

Leaving Cancun is always a sad moment, but while you wait for your flight to go back home, take your time to visit Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar, which has recently opened its doors at Cancun's International Airport, terminal 3.

The Food Network star has made of his name a quality guarantee. Guy is recognized as one of the most famous chefs in the world and is the owner of more than 30 restaurants across the United States, which makes Cancun’s venue, his first restaurant outside the US.


In his last time visit, chef Fieri said that this project is very important to him and his family, first of all because of what Mexico means to him and second, due to the high standards that he has established with his dinner guests.

Each dish, has a story and a meaning”, Guy said to his new team, revealing some of the background behind the 30 dishes menu. “I like to make food for people because when they eat it they smile, it gives good feelings, it is memories. Every great thing you’ve done, food was usually there”.


On an exclusive interview with México News Network, the American chef said that he is in love with Mexican cuisine and not just because of its spicy flavor, because “there is so many regions, every time I come to Mexico I find more Mexican food that I haven’t tried before … I think that the time and the care and the energy that people put in to making the food is what makes it great”.

Guy shared with us that ever since he was a kid, he remembers constantly traveling to Mexico with his parents, and closely observe the cultural richness of the country, so he said that if someone asks him to make a TV show about him traveling around Mexico, he would say yes.


The show would last for a 100 years, if I try to go around Mexico and tell all the stories, all the unique places, with all diverse food with all stories of the people... I’d been doing it for a 100 years”.

But what's the main dish at Fieri’s restaurant? Everything he told the media, adding that each one of them was designed thinking of proportion and consistence; he stated that for him food has no limits, it has to be simple but intense, funny but also healthy and tasty.



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