Native Mexican corn: A popular and organic product for the US and Europe

By Dania Vargas Austryjak

Farmers meet demand from unexpected source

Following on the “natural and organic” trend, there are certain products that have gained higher demand and popularity on a daily basis. This is the case of native Mexican corn –or maize-, which in the past 2 decades has unfortunately suffered due to cheap varieties sold elsewhere. Today, things have finally changed and it seems that going back to the basics is becoming a feasible path for authentic, native and delicious Mexican corn.

The increasing trend and high demand for gourmet cuisine, which innovates in techniques, plating and reinterpretation, while focusing on keeping the authentic native flavors, has led to the creation and popularity of nouveau Mexican cuisine, which is being revolutionized by national and international chefs that want to maintain the essence of true Mexican flavors, but present them in different ways.

Sucking lamb tacoOriginal Image: “Sucking lamb taco, avocado leaf adobo, avocado purée” by Premshree Pillai, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license, via Flickr.

With this in mind, top chefs have opened up Mexican restaurants and spots in United States and Europe, where the main character for their dishes is corn… But not your average cheap variety, on the contrary! The corn they use is the real native corn varieties grown in Mexico; which have yet to see better days, as in the last two decades have seen lack of demand.

Corn farmers in Mexico, are now in the hopes of increasing their productions, a fact that is getting done as they are trying to meet demand from the “unexpected” sources, which is the foreign market, especially in U.S. and Europe.

For Mexican cuisine, corn is an essential element, part of basically every dish made in the country, from which the quintessential Mexican food is made with: tortilla. This ingredient can’t be forgotten and abandoned for other varieties from other places, that’s why it’s important and satisfying that others aside from Mexican people are becoming interested in consuming authentic Mexican flavors and ingredients; basically helping save Mexican corn varieties.

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