Some unexpected uses of Habanero chili

By Dania Vargas Austryjak

The spiciest chili from Mexico

Mexico has several representative elements in the gastronomic field that are recognized worldwide and are linked to the Mexican identity; one of these elements are chili peppers. Mexico produces around 64 varieties of chili peppers, and the spiciest one of them all is Habanero chili, a popular pepper not only for its flavor and spiciness but also for its unexpected uses.

The Habanero chili (Capsicum chinense) is native from South and Central America, as well as from Mexico, especially from the Yucatan Peninsula; in fact the variety grown in this land has Designation of Origin. The Habanero is used in number of salsas and dishes, sometimes is used whole to infuse its flavor in dishes but not to add too much spiciness.

habaneros colores

But there’s more to one of the spiciest chili peppers in the world. The Habanero chili is used for some unexpected situations, such as the following:

Pepper spray
Yes, this is not made with actual pepper. In fact, its active component is capsaicin –the irritant substance in chili peppers-, which is extracted, processed and compressed in form of aerosol, and habanero is one of the preferred for the elaboration of this product.

Health benefits
It’s been stated that the Habanero chili has several properties that help out in the health area. It has an important amount of vitamin C and potassium –a portion (0.16 oz.) has 128 milligrams of potassium-; they are rich in capsaicin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory; it can also help prevent diabetes as it drops the insulin levels.

Cable component
In countries such as Japan, the Habanero chili powder is used in the plastic mixture that recovers fiber optic cables in order to prevent animals from biting them and interrupting the connections.

Paint component
On the other hand, the Habanero is used as a component in boat varnish, as it has anticorrosive properties and helps to keep algae off the boat’s hull.

Capsaicin is also a natural vasodilator which can increase the blood flow and libido. Eating Habanero warms up the body, causes perspiration and release endorphins; body reactions that are also found when engaging in physical activity.

If you’d like to give Habaneros a try it is best to consume those grown in organic and natural ways, such as in greenhouses like the one found at El Dorado Royale. A space designed to grow fresh ingredients for the guests and provide them with the best flavors, fresh from the land to the table.


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