Bridgefy, the app for messages that doesn´t need Internet

By Valeria Bigurra Peñavera

It was created by young Mexicans looking to improve communication in certain situations

Three young Mexicans created the Bridgefy company, with an app that allows you to chat and use your cell phone without the need of the Internet.


Bridgefy has won several competitions, and currently the entrepreneurs are looking to expand their market, and this year they will also work on a Mexican app that will help alert the population in case there is an earthquake.

This app tries to offer users an option to communicate, in case there is no WiFi network nearby or simply do not have mobile data service.

Bridgefy arose during the hackaton Startupbus in 2014, where it took the first place, and later won the first place during the Twitter Hatch 2015, a contest where it faced more than 600 competitors from 30 different countries.

Seeing the potential of their project, the three mexicans decided to sell all their belongings and move to the city of San Francisco, to Silicon Valley, where they settled and now they work looking for new clients, while the production and programming area continues in Mexico.


Bridgefy aims to reach 53% of the population that has Internet in the world, although it is important to remember that in order to make use of the app is necessary to have a smartphone.

Many users have already tested the benefits of Bridgefy, since during Hurricane Patricia in Mexico, many began to download the app, and this helped them to stay in touch during the contingency.

The app can be downloaded for free, and after the period of one year, the renewal of the subscription will cost $ 1.99.

Bridgefy works in three ways, online, over a WiFi network and from person to person. The online service is very similar to Whatsapp with Internet, in case you do not have that, you can use a WiFi network as a bridge, and talk to people who are connected to the same network, and the last option is the one that allows you to communicate directly with people from your contact list that are within an area of ​​70 meters.


So far in the first stage the person-to-person service has a limited range, but according to the founders, have plans to increase this, meaning "now person A can talk to person B in a range of 70 meters. In three or four months person A will be able to speak with person C using the person B as a bridge, then they will have 140 meters of range".

All smartphones have a WiFi antenna, which helps them interpret and receive data from the Internet, which Bridgefy does is to use that antenna to send messages directly between one cell and another, so the same cell serves as a bridge.

In general, the main fields of operation of the app will be musical and sporting shows, but will later seek to connect rural communities when a natural disaster occurs.


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