Luuna, the Mexican mattress that will change the industry!

By Dania Vargas Austryjak

Innovative, different and comfortable

Have you ever considered that if a person sleeps on average every night eight hours, over a lifetime that person would have spent a third of their life sleeping? And that time is usually spent on a bed, so the mattress where you sleep should really matter, as it’s partly responsible for providing a good rest. By taking this into consideration, a group of entrepreneurs decided to create the ultimate mattress, Luuna.

The Mexican startup company Luuna, founded by a team of entrepreneurs: Carlos Salinas, William Kasstan, Guillermo Villegas and Laurène Maire, saw an opening in the mattress industry in Mexico where clients require a better shopping experience and high quality products at fair prices.

luuna colchonAll Rights Reserved© Original Material Courtesy of Luuna.

The team was able to identify several situations that affect the mattress industry in Mexico. There are loads of options, brands and prices; this becomes a confusing and very overwhelming task for the client, when it comes to buying or changing a new mattress. (Note: I’s been stated that Mexicans change their mattress every seven to eight years).

Luuna is in the road to clear this all out and present Mexicans with their own version of the only mattress you will ever buy, or at least for the next ten years, as stated by its guarantee; although, their tests have shown that it could last up to 25 years!

This is a different kind of mattress, with unique features, a special way of packaging and it’s ensured to provide you a great night sleep… Just in case you don’t like it, they will refund your money and donate that mattress to one of their authorized shelters.

luunaAll Rights Reserved© Original Material Courtesy ofLuuna.

It’s made up by layers and has no uncomfortable springs that eventually poke out. Luuna is made up by high density foam composed of three layers: the base or support layer is made of high quality polyurethane and can resist up to 150 kg (approximately 330 lbs); the following is the core layer made of high density memory foam which distributes the weight and it’s an excellent motion insulator; the top layer is made up of 100% synthetic latex which allows a good air flow and provides a little bounce.

The sizes available are single, double, queen and king, and there’s only one model, so no need to be choosing between firm and soft. The Luuna mattress is somewhat on the firm side, as it’s been studied that is the ideal firmness to provide comfort and a good rest; although remember that the client is given 30 nights to try it out and decide if it’s a keeper.

A very interesting part of Luuna is the way it is sent to the client’s home, as soon as the mattress comes out of the production line is compressed and rolled to fit into a box. This is done with special machinery to guarantee the quality of the mattress. After being received, the mattress is unrolled on top of the bed and it takes 10 minutes for the person to sleep on it, but it will be fully expanded after 72 hours after it was unpacked.

The company has only been in business since October 2015 and its already heading to a brilliant future because of what they offer is different, innovative, simple to buy, simple to unpack, comfortable, and it even guarantees that everyone will like it, and if not, they will refund your money and let someone in a shelter enjoy it.

luuna matAll Rights Reserved© Original Material Courtesy ofLuuna.


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