Young Mexican creates oncologic shampoo

By Valeria Bigurra Peñavera

It will help people who undergo chemo to regain their hair

Perla del Rocío González Saavedra, is a Young Mexican that, when she turned 17, was diagnosed with leukemia, a disease that led to her creation of “Zoet”, an oncologic shampoo that helps people that lost their hair to chemo, like her.

shampoo oncologico

Perla’s hopes were not much, but she didn’t throw the towel, she decided to keep on with her life and she currently studies her eight semester in Nutrition and Food Science at the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas (UAT).

During the initial stage of her illness, the young woman says that she had a hard time; not only did she lose weight due to nausea but she also lost her hair, something that as she describes herself was the most shocking thing she had to live, especially as a teenager.

When she was in therapy, doctors gave her instructions to avoid using chemical products in toiletries and hygiene products, so she decided to investigate with her mother natural products that could help her. But everything was either very expensive, or only found in other countries.


So she decided to continue researching and thus discovered several medicinal plants such as rosemary, aloe and blood of dragon, among others, which she mixed to make a shampoo that made her hair grow again.

Perla then began to share her discovery with her chemotherapy colleagues, who were in the Alliance Cancer Foundation, in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, where she also met "Zoet".

Zoet was a 5-year-old girl, her name means sweet in Dutch, and she was Perla's companion. She was a very cheerful and positive girl, and even though she had fought cancer all her life, she loved dressing as a princess and wanted to be a famous model.


Zoet passed away when Perla’s shampoo won its first contest, which is why Perla decided to use her name for her new product.

The shampoo has participated in various competitions, and this is how Perla achieved the patent for its product, which she now seeks to make it known, so that people with cancer know that they are not alone, and that there are various products that available for them, which can help them with hair loss, in a natural way.


It is important to mention that this shampoo is also functional for people suffering from alopecia, and currently people who are interested can request it through its Facebook page “Shampoo oncológico Zoet”.


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