Magda Torres Gurza: The talented Mexican hyperrealist artist the world has to discover!

By Dania Vargas Austryjak

Presenting the deeper side of reality, Magda Torres Gurza shares her artistic experience and the fascination behind every artistic expression.

Hyperrealism is an artistic movement that manages to portray a deeper sense of reality… It was originated in the U.S.A. in the late 60’s and was greatly influenced by pop art. Hyperrealism is an artistic style that has reached many parts of the world and of course Mexico is one of them. Hyperrealism pursues an almost photographic precision. Such meticulous accuracy, adds detailing on to the scene, turning the entire piece into a stylized version of the real one… Of course if there is such a scene in real life!

In order to achieve such magnificent interpretations of reality, artists can choose among different techniques. These can be oils, pastel, charcoal, ink pen, sculpture, etching, etc. Some artists use photos as reference to do the piece, while others illustrate their own version from their imagination.

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Any artists that practice this artistic movement must be masters in techniques, precision and style. It demands extreme perfection and detailing in order to portray sublime reality in a very thorough manner. Keep in mind that with hyperrealism reality is always there -portrayed across with brush strokes-, and taken on a canvas or sculpture to prevail over time. The main goal is to capture a scene in total accuracy and objectivity -a hard thing to do but achieved by many artists-.

Mexico has great practitioners of this artistic expression; artists that have obtained international recognition, and moved the world in the most sublime, emotional and fascinating way. These painters have different styles and some don’t even consider themselves as hyperrealist artists, but still have amazing vision, imagination and talent.

Some of the best known Mexican hyperrealist artists are: Victor Rodriguez, Omar Ortiz, Juan Carlos Manjarrez, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Alfredo Rodriguez and last but not least, Magda Torres Gurza, this last one being our main star for today’s journey across art and expressions.

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Magda Torres Gurza is a woman who grew up among brushes, having a great influence from her mother and grandfather leading her toward the artistic world of painting and to create the most astonishing and breathtaking pieces the world has yet to see.

She explored several artistic expressions including theater, poetry, sculpture, music and photography, but found in oil painting that voice and power to express her deepest thoughts and emotions… Painting is a reason of happiness where Magda finds peace and balance, giving her grand satisfaction and nurturing her spirit.

Magda is a hyperrealist artist that presents a little magic in her art, portraying those moments that give life its true meaning and reveal a deeper sense of reality.

Striking and impressive talent and work directly from the hands of proud Mexican artist!


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